Advantages and Characteristics of VoIP GSM Gateways

VoIP GSM Gateways

VoIP-communication is becoming increasingly popular when organizing office telephony. It provides low-cost communication services and high quality of a voice signal. Using the VoIP GSM gateway, the system can handle the huge flow of information and convert it into digital files as well as transmit them without distortion over long distances via the Internet. In order to organize VoIP-telephony, it is important to purchase a high quality equipment to convert signals quickly and smoothly. Devices to broadcast phone signals from the IP network to GSM and vice versa is a GSM IP gateway. It is compatible with analog equipment and VoIP-system and serves as a link between them during data transfer. A call going to VoIP GSM gateway gets back, interacting with the PBX, as the signal is transferred to an IP number and extension dialing is performed, and as a result, the call is made. The device transmits the digital voice packages using standardized communication SIP and RTP protocols.

The GSM IP gateway is indispensable when establishing low-cost line for international or long distance communication. You can reduce costs by charging calls at local rates, bypassing roaming. Initially, establishing such a network requires VoIP-telephony providing digital signals, which can already transmit voice in the GSM-network using VoIP GSM gateways.

The obvious benefits of installing VoIP GSM gateways is that you save money when the operator calls the overseas customer base. Using VoIP, you can save more than 60% on communication. In addition, many gateways are equipped with a Call Back feature to dial office phones for free. There are single-channel and multi-channel VoIP GSM gateways. The first ones are installed instead of landlines, for example, at home, or in a warehouse, when there is little load on the network. With a large flow of calls, like in call-centers, it is better off using the 8, 16 and 32-channel equipment to simultaneously support a large flow of calls.

The principle of the multi-channel gateway operation is that several SIM-cards are loaded in a network simultaneously. Judge for yourself: one line cannot handle 5 or more calls without losing the quality of phone calls other office subscribers make. Multi-channel gateways can be used for heavy load when the hotline phones are required for a certain period. Therefore, under these conditions, you should choose multi-channel gateways that to make mass mailings about promotions and other proposals for customers. Multi-channel VoIP GSM gateways can be grouped according to mobile operators, which makes it possible to call within the network and choose a cheaper operator. Some brands of gateways, for example, Cisco, are equipped with the minute counter for SIM-packages that allows you to choose the most economical tariffs for calls.

The GSM IP gateway can be set up for any communication that customers require. Using the software, you can install the equipment to send and receive SMS-messages. Such manipulations are required when working with customers of service centers, shops and service sector, where impersonalized contacts with customers are required. For these reasons, many system integrators, programmers and business people buy VoIP GSM gateways because they allow saving and making money at the same time. Based on a simple calculation, duration of calls by a call-center employee is about 5 hours a day. Investments in VoIP GSM gateways will pay off in 2 months, as they can save communication costs 5 times. It means that the head can afford to make calls to 5 operators for the same amount per employee. However, there are also pitfalls. For any equipment, VoIP provides relevant software that is worth paying attention to. You should spend a certain amount to install and connect hardware as well as configure it. It will be quite problematic to do it independently. Therefore, when installing the gateways, you should use the operating software package, such as GoAntiFraud.

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The key benefits of working with us

It is no secret that the Chinese VoIP-equipment comes with poor functionality and complex interfaces Our service allows you to reveal inherent in the "iron" possible, so -. Work with a productive equipment for less money.

Quick Start

GoAntiFraud provides the comprehensive solution to quickly connect and set up the GoIP-equipment all in one and a built-in SIM-server for SIM-bank. You do not need any additional settings. You do not need to be limited by the manufacturer’s interface any longer. The equipment can be connected in a couple of clicks.

Extend the lifetime of your SIM-cards

In order to prolong the life SIM-cards and circumvent antifraud, the service uses an algorithm of a human being’s behavior in the network. You can significantly save time and money. IMEI substitution is additionally applied. You can be protected against calls of the operator.

Simulation of Human behavior

The service provides all the subscriber’s behavior patterns in the network. You can configure the parameters of humanity, which take into account the operator’s antifraud monitoring system. The ratio of incoming / outgoing calls, a list of "preferred" numbers, movement of SIM-cards, balance check, etc.

Computerized Operation

Terminators spend a lot of time to control and record actions of SIM-cards in the network. The service allows you to save time and resources. After you get registered, you can forget about SIM-cards getting blocked. Automatic top-up, the development of the operation algorithm, a complete report on the results.

Search and Evaluation

Search for the GoIP equipment without additional installations. Instant systematization of information for each channel, estimation of capacity using RSSI, behavior of SIM-cards based on ACD and ASR. Serial data on the results are provided in a convenient form. Prompt notification of faults via SMS, e-mail and Skype.

The Set of Solutions

Rapid control of the GoIP equipment via the user’s account. Prompt system setting for the serial termination without additional installations, the system troubleshooting. Constant access to GoAntiFraud, where there is the Internet, via all platforms.


Friendly Interface

The manufactured interface is limited in operation. The SIM-card system is not always convenient to manage. Many of them require additional settings to control the SIM-cards. GoAntiFraud provides the manuals to quickly connect the Topex equipment and core modules for efficient operation.

Computerized SIM-card Handling

TSettings are flexibly adapted to the requirements the Topex equipment to handle SIM-cards. The service can create patterns to save time and make further actions, which is used to load new SIM-cards into the SIM-bank. Using the Topex equipment, you can automatically load and activate SIM-cards, tariffs and bonuses.

SIM-card Performance Management

The GoAntiFraud system has extended the service life of many SIM-cards. It has a number of functions that allow you to bypass the operator's antifraud. To do this, you should simulate the required parameters by which you can work once. They are imitation of human behavior on the network, a flow of incoming calls, a list of "preferred" numbers, etc.

Coordination of Calls

Using the service, you can have access to flexible settings for each channel of the equipment and a certain SIM-card. You can call different operators using one SIM-card, organize the load of each of the channels in one gateway, load certain numbers on SIM-cards, connect prohibited numbers used by the operator, direct calls, and more.

System Operation Monitoring

Users can monitor the work of employees, create patterns to make the operation efficient, according to the specified time of the statistics and the number of calls. Information on each channel is systematized. The data is displayed in a convenient sequence.

Remote Access

Using their accounts, the users can remotely monitor the operation of the Topex equipment and control it, without additional software. You can work such miracles thanks to the cloud service. Access to Internet is required. Information support is available 24 hours a day. The service provides timely and affordable consultations.


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